About us


Medical cannabis is still far too expensive, especially for out-of-pocket patients. Yet high quality cannabis can be grown cost effectively in many parts of the world. We are bringing it to Europe. We guarantee this quality through our production process and pass on the price advantages to patients through low production costs and high volumes. Our declared goal: Everyone can afford his or her cannabis therapy - no matter if the costs are covered by the health insurance or as a out-of-pocket patient!

Why should it be reserved for a handful of large growers to offer medical cannabis in Europe? With our platform, we eliminate bureaucratic hurdles for growers worldwide. So they can focus on what they do best: Grow great cannabis.

With no other drug is the stigmatization of patients as prominent as with cannabis. We want to be a catalyst for change. We rely on personal responsibility instead of prohibition to limit abuse.

Jamaica. Uruguay. New Zealand. Just three examples of countries from which we have for the first time imported medical cannabis since mid-2021. Many more on the horizon...

Our dronabinol solution - the first innovation on the German dronabinol market in 20 years - is just the beginning. We want to make it easier for patients, pharmacies and doctors to use medical cannabis.

From the beginning, our team has shaped the topic of medical cannabis in Germany. Questioning the usual, breaking new ground, finding creative solutions - that's our DNA. We do what others don't think about.

Supervisory Board


Dr . Michael Ruoff


Doctor of law and graduate in business administration. In 2015, co-founded Think.Health Ventures, a boutique seed investor for startups in the German healthcare industry.


Patrick Hoffmann

Vice Chairman

After graduation, Patrick's mother predicted that he would either drive a cab or deal narcotics. Mom was right: in 2015 he founded Pedanios with Florian, and in 2019 Cantourage!


Dr. Florian Kainzinger

Member of the Supervisory Board

PhD in health economics and former managing director of Labor Berlin with more than 400 employees at 12 locations in the capital. Co-founder of Think.Health Ventures.


Dr. Florian Holzapfel

Member of the Supervisory Board

Built up Pedanios GmbH, which was later sold to Aurora. Was a board member of a TecDAX company after his time at McKinsey. Founded Cantourage in 2019 with Patrick.

Executive Board


Philip Schetter


Philip joined the cannabis industry in 2018: He was responsible for the construction of production facilities for Aurora in Europe and later served as CEO of Aurora Europe, responsible for the distribution of medical cannabis in 10 EU countries.


Bernd Fischer


For over 20 years, Bernd has held various senior positions in finance. From retail to e-commerce companies. As CFO of Cantourage, he is responsible for financial planning, accounting, reporting and investor relations.


Constanze Pelzer

Director of Quality

Constanze is a pharmacist and has been working in the cannabis industry since 2016. As a co-founder, she has been an important part of Cantourage. She was responsible for obtaining all medicinal and narcotic permits and ensures that they are maintained.


Bernhard Retzer

Global Director of Sales

Bernhard started his career in the cannabis industry in 2018 at Aurora, where he founded subsidiaries in several countries. At Cantourage, he was responsible for the launch of the first Canadian Craft Cannabis in Germany.

We love cannabis. And we have for a long time.

How we have been shaping the topic of medical cannabis in Germany since the beginning

  • 2015

    Patrick Hoffmann and Florian Holzapfel found Pedanios GmbH, the first wholesaler of medical cannabis in Germany. At that time, only about 200 patients in Germany had a special permit to obtain medical cannabis flowers.

  • 2016

    Pedanios imports cannabis flowers from Canada for the first time. Grower at the time: The Peace Naturals Project.

  • 2017

    On March 10, the "Cannabis as Medicine" law comes into force, allowing doctors in Germany to prescribe cannabis for therapeutic purposes without indication. Within the next 12 months, the number of people treated with medical cannabis in Germany multiplies. From the beginning, Pedanios leads the rapidly growing market.

  • 2018

    Pedanios GmbH is sold to the Canadian world market leader Aurora Cannabis Inc. and henceforth operates under the name Aurora Germany, today Aurora Europe.

  • 2019

    The current Cantourage management team - back then still in the service of Aurora - wins the tender for cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany.

  • 2019

    Florian and Patrick leave Aurora and found Cantourage GmbH together with Norman Ruchholtz, Constanze Pelzer and Mario Reichenbach.

  • 2020

    Cantourage enters the German medical cannabis market with its own dronabinol product, breaking the monopoly that existed until then.

  • Q2 2021

    Cantourage launches its "Fast Track Access" platform, which allows any licensed cannabis grower worldwide to bring their cannabis flower to Germany.

  • Q3 2021

    For the first time, patients in Germany can be supplied with medical cannabis from Jamaica via Cantourage's platform.

  • Q2 2022

    Cantourage opens its own cannabis clinic in London in order to be able to supply patients in the United Kingdom with medical cannabis from now on.

  • Q2 2022

    With its self-developed dronabinol solution, Cantourage launches the first product innovation on the German dronabinol market in over 20 years.

  • Q3 2022

    For the first time, Cantourage's medical cannabis is available in pharmacies for less than half the current black market price.

  • Q4 2022

    Cantourage Group SE goes public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on November 11, 2022.