With a product that accelerates the dronabinol preparation process, Cantourage is delivering a solution to the European cannabis market that follows a range of market-disrupting innovations.

In early 2020 the company broke the European market monopoly for dronabinol when it began dronabinol sales in Germany. Cantourage has since then achieved a near halving in the price of dronabinol in that market.[1]

With the development of the new solution, Cantourage has significantly simplified the complicated and cost-intensive process of preparing dronabinol, which is mainly dispensed as oily drops. The new solution will save pharmacists considerable time during the process and reduce potential risks such as dosage mismeasurement or oxidization of the active ingredient.

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, commented: "Cantourage is delighted to be introducing a solution to the European cannabis market that both reinforces our position as constant innovators and market disruptors and also considerably simplifies the preparation process for our pharmacy partners who dispense the product. Since our first dronabinol sales in 2020, we have already improved accessibility and pricing. With our latest product we are now considerably accelerating, simplifying and risk-proofing the process of preparing dronabinol and getting it to patients. We will continue to focus resolutely on swiftly growing and improving the medical cannabis market further and delivering more benefits to patients and pharmacists."

Cantourage's new product eliminates the need for time-consuming processing steps such as liquefaction, weighing and dissolving of the active ingredient in dronabinol.

Dronabinol has been used in Germany for more than two decades and more than 18,000 prescriptions were dispensed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

About Cantourage GmbH

Cantourage GmbH is a leading European medical cannabis company. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Dr Florian Holzapfel, Norman Ruchholtz and Patrick Hoffmann.

With its unique Fast Track Access platform, Cantourage enables producers from across the world to become part of the rapidly growing European medical cannabis market. Cantourage focuses on long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships: each partner along the value chain can focus on what they do best – from growers to logistics, manufacturers to pharmacies and wholesalers. All with one clear goal in mind: to provide patients in Europe with an unprecedented selection of the highest quality cannabis medicines at affordable prices. Cantourage offers products in all relevant market segments: dried flowers, extracts, Dronabinol and pharma-grade Cannabidiol.

[1] According to data from market research service Insight Health