• Cantourage introduces Miracle Valley's Canadian Mac 1 medical cannabis flower product to the German market
  • Cultivated with a "craft growing" approach, Miracle Valley's high-quality flowers are the first Canadian cannabis flowers entering the German market via the Cantourage fast-track access platform.
  • Scott Mayer, CEO of Miracle Valley comments: "Thanks to our partnership with Cantourage, we are able to bring our high-quality medical cannabis flowers to an audience outside of Canada and provide patients in Europe with a new option for medical cannabis cultivated in Canada."

Berlin, April 26, 2022 - European medical cannabis leader Cantourage GmbH ("Cantourage") and Canada-based medical cannabis manufacturer Miracle Valley have entered a partnership that will see medical cannabis from British Columbia, Canada, brought to Germany. Starting today, pharmacies and patients throughout Germany will have access to Miracle Valley's high-THC Mac 1 cultivar.

Miracle Valley is a fully operational facility licensed under the Cannabis Act of Canada. Based in British Columbia in the Cascade Mountain Range, Miracle Valley cultivates medical cannabis in a distinctive "craft growing" approach, allowing for small batches of high-quality medical cannabis grown in a controlled indoor environment. As a privately held company founded in July 2013, Miracle Valley has made its mission to serve the needs of customers and patients alike, while setting new quality benchmarks for medical cannabis flowers.

Miracle Valley operates five flower rooms, each with an area of 1,170 ft2 (109 m2) that are sealed from environmental exposure, thus significantly reducing the possibility of microbial contamination. The team at Miracle Valley has been dedicated to perfecting its Mac 1 medical cannabis flower for the past three years, having run and conducted numerous trials that resulted in a unique product.

Cantourage processes the cannabis flowers, transforming them to medical cannabis products, and makes them available to pharmacies in Germany. The partnership between Cantourage and Miracle Valley further increases the range of international, high-quality medical cannabis products that Cantourage has been making available to the EU market.

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, commented: "We are excited about our partnership with Miracle Valley, as its Mac 1 cultivar is the first Canadian medical cannabis product to enter the European market via the Cantourage platform. Miracle Valley's 'craft growing' approach will be a valuable addition to the medical cannabis products that Cantourage has made available in Germany through its Fast Track Access platform."

Scott Mayer, CEO of Miracle Valley, added: "At Miracle Valley, we are all about setting new standards for premium cannabis cultivation and to provide patients with the highest quality cannabis strains available. Thanks to our partnership with Cantourage, we are now able to bring our high-quality medical cannabis flowers to an audience outside of Canada and provide patients in Europe with a new option for medical cannabis cultivated in Canada."

About Cantourage GmbH

Cantourage GmbH is a leading European medical cannabis company. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Dr Florian Holzapfel, Norman Ruchholtz and Patrick Hoffmann. With its unique Fast Track Access platform, Cantourage enables producers from across the world to become part of the rapidly growing European medical cannabis market. Cantourage focuses on long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships: each partner along the value chain can focus on what they do best – from growers to logistics, manufacturers to pharmacies and wholesalers. All with one clear goal in mind: to provide patients in Europe with an unprecedented selection of the highest quality cannabis medicines at affordable prices. Cantourage offers products in all relevant market segments: dried flowers, extracts, Dronabinol and pharma-grade Cannabidiol.

About Miracle Valley

Miracle Valley is an uncompromising, cultivation focused-premium flower company, dedicated to the art and science of growing the best cannabis plants in Canada. As a privately held company, Miracle Valley is dedicated to the customer as its shareholders - not the public markets. Miracle valley is led by cannabis enthusiast Scott Mayer. Miracle Valley's strength and passion are cannabis flowers. Its vision is to raise the standard in the premium cannabis flower category by providing unique and exotic genetics expertly grown by passionate people.