We are Cantourage


... and we love Cannabis.

Because countless people can live more fulfilling lives with THC and other cannabinoids as medicine.

Therefore, we are reducing the cost of therapies, developing new medicines and importing cannabis flowers from all over the world. Today, we already cooperate with more than 40 companies in the fields of cultivation and production. We offer our products to pharmacies in Germany and other European countries.

Our products


Cannabis flowers

Cannabis from around the globe

We love cannabis flowers. What we don't love is a lack of product diversity and quality. That's why we have created a unique platform that gives cannabis growers from all over the world the opportunity to offer their products in Europe. Cultivated around the globe, processed according to the strictest EU GMP guidelines and produced in Germany. This allows us to offer maximum variety at standardised quality.

Active ingredients

Dronabinol, CBD and extracts

We love all cannabinoids. That's why we also offer them as active ingredients. From a medical point of view, of course, the two most widely studied cannabinoids: THC and CBD.  We have already been able to reduce the market price of THC (scientific name: dronabinol) by more than 50 percent, thus relieving the German healthcare system. The dronabinol solution developed by Cantourage saves pharmacies a lot of work. With cannabidiol and cannabis extracts, we offer further products for every type of therapy.


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