September 28, 2023

Cannabislegalisierung bedeutet Einschränkung für Patient:innen

Der von Freizeitkonsument:innen langersehnte Gesetzentwurf zur sogenannten “Freigabe” von Cannabis sieht strenge Regeln vor, wo überhaupt Cannabis konsumiert werden darf. Um Kinder und Jugendliche zu schützen, ist der öffentliche Konsum von Cannabis in einem Umkreis von 200 Metern von Schulen, Spielplätzen und Kinder- und Jugendeinrichtungen sowie in öffentlich zugänglichen Sportstätten rund um die Uhr verboten.

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April 26, 2023

Cantourage CEO Philip Schetter and Director Strategic Projects Thomas Ahlberg will be at the MJ Unpacked in New York

Exclusive to licensed operators and investors, MJ Unpacked is the only national event that showcases hundreds of cannabis CPG brands from around the country to connect and collaborate with retailers, manufacturers, and investors.

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Februar 7, 2022

Cantourage Founder Patrick Hoffmann will be speaking at the Prohibition Partners webinar on the subject of „Global Cannabis Markets“.

Cantourage Founder Patrick Hoffmann will be speaking at the Prohibition Partners webinar on the subject of "Global Cannabis Markets".

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November 2, 2021

Cantourage CEO Philip Schetter speaking at Cannabis Europa in London

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, will be guest speaker at Cannabis Europa 2021 in London participating at the panel titled “Imports, Pricing and GMP – The Changing Nature of the European Supply Chain”.

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Oktober 5, 2021

“I think Europe is moving in the right direction” – Interview with Cantourage CEO Philip Schetter

As the negotiations after the federal election are ongoing, we still don’t know who will succeed Angela Merkel, the outgoing German chancellor. In the last 17 years, Germany has introduced some changes that helped patients who needed medical cannabis. However, Europe, as a whole, is still miles behind North America. What’s going on in Germany right now, and what could the solution be? Is a legal recreational market a possibility? How could a new scheme, the so-called “Fast Track Acess” be a game changer? We asked Cantourage CEO, Philip Schetter.

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Oktober 1, 2021

A ‘Traffic Light’ German Coalition Looks Set To Give the Green Light To Europe’s First Adult-Use Cannabis Market

With negotiations underway on the formation of a new German government supporters of a regulated adult-use cannabis market believe a significant moment in European history beckons. There is a growing sense that what may have once seemed fanciful – even just a few months ago – is now within touching distance.

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Juni 22, 2021

We’re speaking at Cannabis Business Europe 2021

One of our founders, Patrick Hoffmann, will be a guest speaker during the Cannabis Business Europe 2021 Conference in Frankfurt.

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