Cannabis Flowers


Cannabis from around the globe

There are more than 30.000 officially licensed cannabis cultivators worldwide.

Why not enable every single one of them to offer their products here in Germany and thus massively expand the therapy options for patients in Germany and Europe? This was the initial question for the development of our unique "Fast Track Access" platform, which we launched in mid-2021. Today, we are already cooperating with almost 40 cultivators from over 15 countries.



Our platform is open to any company that has permission to cultivate and export cannabis in its home country. It is essential that it fulfils the strict German and European quality standards for medicinal cannabis. That is why every grower who wants to export to Europe with us is put through its paces by Cantourage in a multi-stage auditing process - for example, with regard to fertilisers and pesticides used, harvesting methods and more. Checklists and other documents for this process were specially developed by Cantourage and closely coordinated with the responsible authorities in Germany. As a result, patients receive cannabis flowers as high-quality medicinal products that meet all regulatory requirements.


Sending cannabis around the world is not that easy. In close coordination with our cultivation partners, we coordinate the obtaining of import and export permits and advise them on all issues that may arise - from the correct transport packaging to the choice of the logistics company. Once arrived in Germany, the cannabis gets prepared for production into a medicinal product in our highly secured and climatically standardised storage facilities.



The essential manufacturing steps for cannabis medicinal products take place in an EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified production facility in Germany. Every single flower is processed and inspected. If necessary, we bring the naturally occurring microbial load of the cannabis flowers, as a formerly living organism, below the permissible limits for medicinal products using a germ reduction process developed in-house. We do not use ionising radiation at all, which helps to protect the terpenes and active substances in the plant. Quality controls and laboratory analyses at various points along the production process ensure the reliable pharmaceutical quality of the end product. Patients can thus concentrate fully on their therapy and do not have to worry about the quality of the medicines.


Via pharmacies, wholesalers or by export to other European countries: With a network of strong partners, we ensure that patients throughout Europe can be supplied with our cannabis as quickly and easily as possible. Again, of course, we follow the official regulations for the safe transport of our cannabis medicines.