• Berlin-based Cantourage launches Telecan°, its own telemedicine platform for medical cannabis
  • With Telecan°, patients can receive advice on the possibilities of cannabis therapy and obtain cannabis prescriptions in an uncomplicated manner
  • Florian Wesemann to head Telecan° as Medical Director

Berlin, September 1, 2023 – Cantourage Group SE (www.cantourage.de) is launching its own telemedicine platform for medical cannabis called Telecan° (www.telecan.eu) under the leadership of medical doctor Florian Wesemann. The online platform provides potential patients with a simple and direct route into cannabis therapy.

In a few steps to cannabis therapy

On Telecan°’s user-friendly online portal, users can find out whether cannabis therapy might be an option for them. If this is the case, doctors specializing in cannabis can prescribe THC products. The platform thus offers uncomplicated and rapid access to cannabis therapy: First, potential patients must register online, fill out a medical questionnaire and provide appropriate evidence of their diagnosed illness. The next step is an initial consultation with the medical professional, during which the medical history is completed, the treatment decision is made and, if necessary, the first prescription is issued. In principle, the medical consultation can take place online, however remote treatment is not always possible and is at the discretion of the treating medical professional(s). The prescribed cannabis preparations can then be ordered from a mail-order pharmacy, for example, and be conveniently delivered to the patient’s home.

Florian Wesemann, Medical Director of Telecan°, comments as follows: “Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not exclusively a therapeutic option for incurable or life-shortening diseases. Everyday ailments such as chronic back pain, endometriosis, sleep disorders and migraines can also medically justify treatment with cannabis. Our goal is to facilitate access to treatment for people seeking an improvement in their quality of life with medical cannabis. Our physicians are experienced experts in the field of medical cannabis treatment and accompany patients with their profound expertise.”

Medical cannabis: legal for years, only little known

Although medical cannabis has been allowed to be used for therapeutic purposes in Germany since 2017, the majority of physicians are still very cautious about using it in everyday treatment – whether due to a lack of expertise or personal conviction. As a result, many people who could benefit from cannabis therapy simply do not have access to it or are not aware that cannabis can be a useful therapeutic option for their condition. With physicians attuned to the needs of cannabis patients, Telecan° is looking to remedy this situation and create a simple and safe path to better care for cannabis patients, explains Thomas Ahlberg, Director Strategy of Cantourage:

“Too many people in Germany today are still completely unaware that treatment with cannabis flowers or extracts is also an option for them. Educating people about the possibilities and making the process of obtaining a cannabis prescription as easy and smooth as possible for patients is one of our main concerns with Telecan. We don’t want patients to continue to have difficulty accessing the cannabis treatment they need to improve their quality of life.”

About Telecan°
Telecan° is a telemedicine platform for medical cannabis. It was launched as a subsidiary of Cantourage, Germany’s largest medical cannabis company, in September 2023. On the platform, potential patients can receive advice from qualified physicians on a possible cannabis therapy and, if necessary, be prescribed THC products.

About Cantourage
Cantourage is a leading European producer and distributor of cannabis-based medicinal preparations and drugs. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Norman Ruchholtz, Dr. Florian Holzapfel and Patrick Hoffmann. With an experienced management team and its “Fast Track Access” platform, Cantourage enables producers from around the world to become part of the growing European medical cannabis market faster, easier and more cost-effectively by processing and distributing their cannabis raw materials and extracts. In this context, Cantourage ensures compliance with the highest European pharmaceutical quality standards at all times. The company offers pharmaceutical-grade products in all relevant market segments: dried flower, extracts, dronabinol and cannabidiol. Cantourage was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on November 11, 2022 and is listed under ticker symbol “HIGH”.

More information: www.cantourage.com

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